Batdog in the field and other pictures

Happy batdog Sceptical Casper weirdo          

Autumn is here

I think the autumn is the best time of year for dog activities, the fields are harvested and Casper gets to  run much more of leash than he does the rest of the year. Too bad they are plowing, seems they have started very early this year. But we’ll enjoy it … Continue reading

Oppe 4 mnd (Bedlington terrier)

Oppe the bedlington terrier is visiting, and that means pictures! 🙂 She is 4 months old now.  I think I have to buy a dog with a longer coat, trimming and grooming is fun! 😀 Removed some hair from her face. 🙂 Before after. Nice to see her eyes again 🙂 oh … Continue reading

It might be time to give your dog a bath when…

…your fingers look like this after patting it! 😛     What!? Are you calling me a dirty dog? For real? as an apology I demand to have breakfast served in bed!