August og september

Some pictures from the autumn, this far 🙂     Casper and his beloved fox nah thanks, I’m good.     Susi won the CAC at the Norwegian Kennel Clubs international show in Lillehammer 😀 A great day!   Susi  aka Mymmeli av Vintervidda Susi and owner Catalina 😀     Sniff’s … Continue reading

Meet Toya

This is Toya, the newest member of Caspers close circle of friends. She is 6 years old, and here life has not been that great. Until now! She is so lucky getting to be a part of Tira and Susi’s little pack, and I am sure that her life will … Continue reading

When I ask Casper if he’s hungry:

this is the look I get. It’s pretty clear that his answer is YAAASS!     Today we went to a dogshow, just to look and say hello to people. I took some pictures of the dalmatians, they can be viewed on my facebook-page here  (or by pressing the facebook-icon in … Continue reading

Autumn is here

I think the autumn is the best time of year for dog activities, the fields are harvested and Casper gets to  run much more of leash than he does the rest of the year. Too bad they are plowing, seems they have started very early this year. But we’ll enjoy it … Continue reading