A couple of weeks of Oppe

Oppe has been visiting almost a couple of weeks now, while her owner is away. We’ve had many nice walks, and Oppe and Casper has played a lot together. Oppe is so lightweight and carefull that she is one of few dogs I’ll allow Casper to play with (due to … Continue reading

Oppe 4 mnd (Bedlington terrier)

Oppe the bedlington terrier is visiting, and that means pictures! 🙂 She is 4 months old now.  I think I have to buy a dog with a longer coat, trimming and grooming is fun! 😀 Removed some hair from her face. 🙂 Before after. Nice to see her eyes again 🙂 oh … Continue reading

Oppe – Bedlington terrier (Borsali’nos 2nd M Mita)

Meet Oppe, Our newest family member! 🙂 She is a bedlington terrier, and will soon be 3 months old. She is my aunts dog, so she will appear in this blog now and then. That’s why she has gotten her own category, take a look in the drop down menu … Continue reading