This is the site of a dalmatian named Casper, and his owner who loves both Casper, dogs and photography. You can say that this site is some of my hobbies combined 🙂 Here you will find information about Casper and loads of pictures of him and his friends, other dogs, and pictures from dogshows I attend. Casper you can read more about here

I got my first and so far only dalmatian in 2008 from Charlotte Jenvall at Kennel Curia, in Denmark. I’ve fallen completely in love with the breed, and all though it would be fun to have other breeds as well at some point, I can’t imagine that my life will ever lack in an dalmatian. And to be honest I can’t seem to find a breed that has all the qualities that I love about the dalmatian. It started out with me “just” wanting a dog, but my interest in the breed escalated quickly, so at the moment I’m on the board of the Norwegian Dalmatian Club (2016 – ) , and I also maintain and update the club’s website and social media. All thought I have no plans of having any litters at home (it’s not that easy when you plan to only have males), I am very interested in dog breeding and genetics, so I plan to attend the Norwegian Kennel Club’s “breeders school” when the time is right. 

If you want to, you can also follow us on facebook, where I will post pictures and post links to new blog posts –>  https://www.facebook.com/vandalmis/ 

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting! 🙂


Jotunheimen med Catalina 2013 2013-08-31 209

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