I got my first  dalmatian in 2008 from Charlotte Jenvall at Kennel Curia, in Denmark. He passed away in the spring of 2019, 11 years old. In July 2019 Floyd (Price-spot’s Kal El) moved in, from Heidi Price and Silje Paulsen at Kennel Price-spot here in Norway.

With Floyd I train Smeller weekly (nosework), kickbike in summer/fall, skijoring in the winter, and attend the occasional dog show. Floyd is now a Norwegian Show Champion.

I’ve fallen completely in love with the breed, and all though it would be fun to have other breeds as well at some point, I can’t imagine that my life will ever lack in an dalmatian. And to be honest I can’t seem to find a breed that has all the qualities that I love about the dalmatian. It started out with me “just” wanting a dog, but my interest in the breed escalated quickly, so at the moment I’m on the board of the Norwegian Dalmatian Club (2016 – ), in the Breeding Committee (2019 – ) and I also maintain and update the club’s website and social media.

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The golden age of blogging has passed it seems, I don’t have the interest for it at the moment, but I’m glad all my years with Casper is documented here, lots of memories for me to look back on.

These days I’m more active on instagram, follow us there @super.floyd

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Nina Hedvig

Jotunheimen med Catalina 2013 2013-08-31 209

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