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Casper will probably not be shown anymore, due to the problems with his back, that affects his movement. Here is a summary of his short show-career:

10 shows in total.

1x CAC, 1x resCAC, 3CC, 6x excellent, 4x very good

Norwegian dalmatian club, national show Trondheim, May 29, 2011

Judge: Gunnar Nymann, Denmark

Class/age: Openclass/ 3 years old

Result: Excellent, Classwinner, Champion Quality, male, res. CAC

Judge comment: 3 years, strong dog with excellent lines. Must not be shorter in nose compared to scull. Dark eyes. Ears set ok. Ok bite. Good neck. Excellent chest. Strong body. Sufficient angulation. Excellent bones. A little steep pastern. Sufficient side movements. Ok behind. A bit steep in front.

My comment: 😀 happy! Casper showed him self well, nice judge, nice day.


National show, Trondheim may 28 2011

Judge: Des Manton, Ireland

Class/age: Openclass/3 years old

Result: Very good

Judge comment: 3 years. Well up for size. Strong head and body. Ok ang. front + rear. Needs to settle on moves. Ok topline and profile. Looses it on moves.

My comment: Casper would simply not lift his nose from the ground, so I did not get to show him properly running.


National show, Exporama hellerudsletta 2011

Judge: Ruiz Rodriguez, Francisco. Spain

Class/age: Openclass/3 years old

Judge comment: G.head, strong neck. Missing teeth. vg. topline. Ecxellent angulations. Strong breast. G.movement.

My comment: Missing teeth was a dealbreaker.


International show, Hamar 2010

Judge: Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway

Class/Age: openclass/2 years

Result: 1.price (excellent)

Judge comment: 2.5 years. Very powerful masculine male. Slightly heavy head. Good ears. Long nice neck. Ok laid shoulder. Keeps topline well. Good depth of chest. Could be slightly better angled behind. Good feet. Moves well. Ok from the side.

My comment: blog here


National show, hundorp

Judge: Tina Sulce, Latvia

Class/Age: Openclass/2 year

Result: 1 price, Classwinner, Champion Quality, CAC, male

Judge comment: Good type. Strong male. Quite comp. Mask. head. I pref.a bit darker eye. A bit strong muzzle. G.neck. G.bone and feet. Deep chest. G. ang. T.line should be better when moving. Nice temp. Exl.marks.

My comment: So happy! Our first CAC 😀


National show, letohallen february 14 2010

Judge: Peter Rehanek, Poland

Class/age: openclass/ 2 years old

Result: 1.price. Classwinner, Champion Quality (CC)

Judge comment: 2 year old. Typical head. Scissor bite. Eyes dark brown. Neck well set. Chest deep and broad. Back level, fore and hind quarters well angulated. Regular movement.

My comment: Great day 😀


National show, april 24 2010, stangehallen



INT.Show: Norwegian winner dogs4all 2009

Judge: Ewa Nielsen, Sweden

Class/age: Intermidiate class/ 20 months old

Result: 1.Price, class

Judge comment: Very well built head, with good ears and good bite. Missing p4 on both sides. Steep overline, nice angles, great body, great legs and feet. Moves very well from the side, must tighten in front. Attractive side silhouette.

My comment: Handled by Guro, well done.


International show october 3 2009, Hamar

Judge: Elin Normannseth, Norway

Class/age: Intermediate class/19 months old

Result; 2.price

Judge comment: 19 months old male, today he gives a somewhat high impressions. Could have more front. Good bones and paws. Head with good proporsions that could me more masculine. Moves with short steps.

My comment: I was so nervous, and a lousy handler. I later found out that Casper had stretched a muscle, so he was not feeling up for the challenge.


National show (NDK), august 30 2009

Judge. Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway

Class/age: Intermediate class /18 months old

Result: 1.price, class

Judge comment: Very good type, nice size, well shaped masculine head. Correct bite, good pigment, medium brown eyes. Wll placed well broken ears, good neck. Slightly barely angled forward an back, shoulders slightly forward. Still not completly stable overline. Good hair, nice markings. Moves well.

My comment: Our first show ever, for both of us. Fun and scary at the same time, and the judge made it a good experience.

 Excellent, Classwinner, Champion Quality, male, res. CACutstil5

Excellent, Classwinner, Champion Quality, male, res. CAC







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