Casper (Curia’s Bebop)

Some of my favorite pictures of Casper


Casper 5 år 2013-03-05 030 2013-06-01 093 jordet med tira sondag 2012-10-07 026 Ane sin bil 2012-09-22 139 elgsethytta oktober 026
Sniff og Casper i hagen 2013-06-02 089 Sniff og Casper i hagen 2013-06-02 086

Casper in the summer of 2012

In Denmark, hundested 2011

on the road to a big farm in Denmark

Ila, Trondheim

Hiking in the “mountains” outside of Trondheim, fall 2011

What? Not dinner yet?

Skansen, Trondheim

A beautiful statue outside Nidarosdomen in Trondheim. I stole it, and took it home with me.

Nidarosdomen fall 2011

Casper got a new toy (summer 2012)

The statue again 🙂

Summer in Norway, 2010

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