Dette innlegget har visst ligget på kladd siden i fjor. Ser vel omtrent likt ut i år, bare litt tørrere kanskje 🙂 Gikk tur der i går faktisk. Nå har det kommet en hundepark like ved, fint for de som vil benytte seg av det, personlig foretrekker jeg å bryte … Continue reading

Batdog in the field and other pictures

Happy batdog Sceptical Casper weirdo          

A couple of weeks of Oppe

Oppe has been visiting almost a couple of weeks now, while her owner is away. We’ve had many nice walks, and Oppe and Casper has played a lot together. Oppe is so lightweight and carefull that she is one of few dogs I’ll allow Casper to play with (due to … Continue reading

When I ask Casper if he’s hungry:

this is the look I get. It’s pretty clear that his answer is YAAASS!     Today we went to a dogshow, just to look and say hello to people. I took some pictures of the dalmatians, they can be viewed on my facebook-page here  (or by pressing the facebook-icon in … Continue reading