I got my first  dalmatian in 2008 from Charlotte Jenvall at Kennel Curia, in Denmark. He passed away in the spring of 2019, 11 years old. July 2019 Floyd (Price-spot’s Kal El) moved in.

I’ve fallen completely in love with the breed, and all though it would be fun to have other breeds as well at some point, I can’t imagine that my life will ever lack in an dalmatian. And to be honest I can’t seem to find a breed that has all the qualities that I love about the dalmatian. It started out with me “just” wanting a dog, but my interest in the breed escalated quickly, so at the moment I’m on the board of the Norwegian Dalmatian Club (2016 – ), in the Breeding Committee (2019 – ) and I also maintain and update the club’s website and social media. 

If you want to, you can also follow us on facebook, where I will post pictures and post links to new blog posts –>  https://www.facebook.com/vandalmis/ 

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting! 🙂

Nina Hedvig

Jotunheimen med Catalina 2013 2013-08-31 209

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